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This locomotive is based to SBB's Re 4/4 460- series locomotive. Finnish State Railways (VR) ordered twenty of these locomotives on 1992. First locomotives were built on 1995. These locomotives are used for passenger- and freight trains.

Technical data

Number of locomotives built46
Years of construction1995-1999 (first 20 locomotives) 1999-2003 (26 more)
SupplierABB, SLM, later Adtranz, then Bombardier
Body and assemblyTranstech (Finland), later Talgo (Finland)
Wheel arrangementBo'Bo'
Output (1h)6000 kW
Maximum speed210 km/h (design speed 230 km/h)
Length over buffers19020 mm
Wheel diameter1100 mm
Weight in working order82 t
Maximum axle load21 t

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