Story of a model railway

A little bit of history


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Checking the spiral track that comes inside the hill on summer 1993.

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Planning the Mittelstadt yard on summer 1993.
On Christmas 1989 I was ten years old and got my first Märklin- train set. It had a little locomotive, four cars and track oval with a little transformer. After some months I bought first turnouts. On the next summer we went to Germany, and bought a lot of new trains and tracks. One year after that, I started planning to build the railway on a table. Two years after that the construction works started. Since that the railway has extended many times.


The area of the model railway is about 12 square meter. The passenger coach yard, which is under construction, is located in our living-room. There is about 120 meter of track, almost 70 turnouts and 20 signals. The scale is 1:87 (H0). Most of the tracks are Märklins M- track, but there is also some K- track. The new passenger coach yard has Peco tracks. The layout sets in Germany and most of the locomotives and coaches are German or other Middle-Europe. There are also some models from Finland. At the moment there are 5 stations.

During summer 2002 I begun the digital- project. I bought the Intellibox from Uhlenbrock because it can control both Märklin (Motorola) and DCC -format decoders. It also has many other features that I like, such as the virtual numbers for locomotives and multitraction. Most of my old Märklin locomotives will be equipped with ESU LokPilot -decoder. Motors of those locomotives will be converted for DC. Some locomotives will be equipped with cheaper Profilok PD 101 decoder. At this moment turnouts and signals will not be converted for digital as the analogue works as well.

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Track plan

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Some rolling stock that can be seen in Finland:
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Prototype of Finnish IC-coach, converted Roco model.

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Russian SFAT tanker.

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Size: 86K


Mittelstadt is the main station. It has six tracks with platforms. There is a shunting yard for freight trains, it has five tracks and a hump to make the cars roll on their own to correct tracks. The crane is equipped with joystick control, selfmade from old Commodore joystick. Mittelstadt also has a depot for diesel and electric locomotives with transfer table. One tracks leads to the harbour.
Size: 128K

Locomotive yard

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Size: 68K
Zindelstein is a small village on the top of the hill. Inside the hill there is a spiral track from Mittelstadt to Zindelstein. Station park has a fountain with real water in it. At the highest point of the hill there is a park where people can take a look at the Mittelstadt city with binoculars.

"Laajennuspala" is built to the last free corner of the room. Station has four tracks. There is depot for steam locomotives with round table. The scenery is still under construction.
Size: 52K

"Silmukka" (Loop) is located under the layout and it has no scenery. It is used for turning trains around. There is an automatic system on the layout that includes six trains running around the layout and this loop is an important part to make it work.

Neuenfeld coach yard is located on the sidings of our living room. Scenery is still under construction. There are eight tracks for storing passenger coaches. Station also two tracks with platforms and three tracks for freight trains. 2 tracks on passenger station (with platform) and three tracks for freight wagons. This part of layout was in The Model Railroad show in Tampere on 1997 and in Helsinki on 1998.
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