Pictures from Germany December 2003

All pictures are taken by me.
© Väiski Savela,


Size: 87K

Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, 12.12.2003.

Size: 81K

Driver changes, Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, 12.12.2003.


Size: 98K

Berlin Ostbahnhof, 10.12.2003.

Size: 116K

ICE2 waiting for coupling at Hannover Hbf, 12.12.2003.

Size: 83K

Two ICE2-units coupled, Hannover Hbf, 12.12.2003.

Size: 132K

Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, 12.12.2003.


Size: 152K

ICE 126 International from Frankfurt to Amsterdam at Köln Hbf, 11.12.2003.

Size: 114K

Modern train at modern station. Frankfurt (M) Flughafen, 11.12.2003.

Size: 101K

Departure. Frankfurt (M) Flughafen, 11.12.2003.

Size: 112K

Frankfurt (M) Hbf, 11.12.2003.

ICE3 Panorama Lounge
Following pictures token from Panorama Lounge on Köln Frankfurt high speed line on 11.12.2003. Speed approx. 300 km/h.

Size: 66K

Size: 77K

Size: 72K

BR 714

Size: 142K

One of the rescue trains on Hannover-Würzburg high speed line is at Kassel Hbf. 12.12.2003.

LIREX is a prototype of new modern commuter train built by Alstom. This diesel-electric train will be converted to electric train.

Size: 138K

You sure notice this train from the others! Wittenberge, 13.12.2003.

Size: 106K

There are different kinds of interiors around the train. Some seats had monitors and there was even a PlayStation between two carriages!

Size: 111K

Bistro compartment. One carriage had a TV screen presenting the train.

Size: 114K

Driver's cab on the end of the train. The whole train is low-floor.

BR 612 IC

Size: 142K

612-DMU painted for long-distance-trains. These trains replaced ICE-TDs on the line Nürnberg- Dresden. Dresden Hbf, 14.12.2003.


Size: 113K

Some RE-trains have long-distance-carriages, but usually in red RE-livery. This one still in long-distance-livery. Neustadt (Dosse), 13.12.2003.

Size: 132K

Less than one month old double-decker. Train pulled by BR 112. Falkenberg (Elster), 14.12.2003.

Talgo Nachtzug

Size: 121K

Talgo night train from Berlin to München pulled by BR 101. Berlin Ostbahnhof, 10.12.2003.


Size: 108K

Sympathetic Max informs passengers of construction works. Berlin Ostbahnhof, 14.12.2003.


Size: 155K

Trains pushed/ pulled by BR 218 in Quedlinburg on 10.12.2003.


Size: 135K

Other side of Wittenberge yard is not in use any more. All traffic is on the other side of station. In August this side was still in use. [picture]

BR 234 Ludmilla

Size: 142K

IR 455 pulled by Ludmilla leaving towards Wroclaw Glowny. Dresden Hbf, 14.12.2003.

Size: 149K

Same train leaving from Bautzen. 14.12.2003.

BR 99

Size: 165K

Narrow gauge steam locomotive BR 99 7238-1 of Harzer Schmalspurbahn in Wernigerodessa at Westerntor station on 10.12.2003.

BR 772 Ferkeltaxi

Size: 178K

Still in duty. Aschersleben, 10.12.2003.

CD 371 (Czech)

Size: 152K

This Czech dual-voltage-locomotive pulled EC 171 all the way from Berlin. Train continues to Budapest via Prague. Dresden Hbf, 14.12.2003.

Size: 128K

Built by Skoda. Dresden Hbf, 14.12.2003.

PKP (Poland)

Size: 122K

Not Star Wars, but Bar Wars! Polish restaurant at Krakow night train. Berlin Ostbahnhof, 12.12.2003.

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