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Size: 165K

Dr13 2343 on a photo stop in Hirsilä between Haapamäki and Orivesi on 10.9.2005.

Size: 190K

Dr12 2216 heading north south of Jokela on 25.9.2005.

Size: 164K

Dr12 2216 at Tampere wye on 25.9.2005.

Size: 104K

Express train P 820 pulled by Sr2 in Leppälahti between Pieksämäki and Jyväskylä on 21.10.2005.

Size: 173K

Renewed Sm2 6079 crossing the Imatrankoski bridge after arriving as a regional train H 717 on 1.5.2006.

Size: 190K

Double-Pendolini S 46 in Monni between Riihimäki and Hyvinkää on 17.6.2006.

Size: 159K

Dv12 2709 has switched to the other end of the train which arrived as H 451 from Seinäjoki. Train consists of Eil(f) coaches and an Eifet generator coach. Vaasa, 1.7.2006.

Size: 164K

Double-headed Dv12 in freight train 3277 on the bridge from Närpiö to Kaskinen on 8.7.2006.

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